Paul Ray

Paul Ray
Las Vegas | NV


Paul takes on a critical role at DB Capital, ensuring the maintenance, oversight, and delivery of meticulous financial records for all related entities. As an essential component of the firm’s success, he handles investor relations and reporting, ensuring compliance, and fostering relationships that support DB Capital’s continued growth. With nearly 30 years of precision accounting and finance experience across multiple industries, Paul brings a wealth of expertise to his position.

Before joining DB Capital Management, Paul served as the CFO for a prominent property management company based in California. His start began when transitioning industries and accepting a position with a Las Vegas based multi-family developer, management and outsourced accounting company. Here he gained tremendous knowledge of the industry and spearheaded a new division devoted to providing corporate accounting alongside property accounting for self managed owners. A crucial service many firms didn’t offer and owners needed. His tenure as a financial leader in the real estate sector further bolsters his ability to effectively manage and strategize for DB Capital.

Paul’s proficiency in financial management and his strong dedication to maintaining transparent and compliant financial practices make him an invaluable asset to the DB Capital team. His vast background and entrepreneurial passion align with the forward vision of DB Capital. It is this passion that drove Paul to own and operate his own businesses in the Southwest for over a decade. He will never accept complacency, represents the company’s best interest and strives for company growth and diversity.

Paul resides in Las Vegas, NV with his partner of nearly 21 years, 3 dogs and considers this home. A native of California, Paul grew up in an agriculture family who owned dairy farms and grew multiple annual crops including corn, alfalfa and cotton. At a young age, these experiences taught him the valuable lessons of hard work and sacrifice which shaped Paul into the person he is today. In his off time, Paul enjoys the many offerings available in Las Vegas, caring for his home, traveling to tropical destinations, getting together with friends and never forgetting or taking for granted the many blessings in his life.