Employee Testimonial – Darren Hulick

August 3, 2023

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with our entire team! We have just received an incredible testimonial from one of our valued employees, Darren Hulick,

In their testimonial, Darren highlighted the exceptional experiences they have had while working at DB Capital. They praised our supportive work environment, the strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues, and the opportunities for professional growth that we offer.

It’s truly heartening to see the impact of our collective efforts reflected in the words of our team members. Such testimonials not only motivate us all to keep striving for excellence but also showcase the positive culture we’ve built together. Thank you, Darren!

Employee Testimonial – Darren Hulick

“As I start my fifth year at DB Capital Management, it’s awesome to look back at the past four years and all that we have accomplished, navigating through some very interesting and dynamic markets.

We have acquired 3,500+ units across multiple states, including Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon, which is a testament to the collective effort and expertise of everyone at DB Capital.

Darren Hulick

During this time, we have experienced the ebb and flow of the market, witnessing both unprecedented rent growth and formidable challenges on the expense side, particularly in areas like insurance and labor markets. Additionally, the financial landscape has been anything but boring, as we have encountered historically low interest rates as well as the most aggressive interest rate increases seen in over four decades. Yet, through it all, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to sound investment practices, guided by our steady and disciplined approach.

As I reflect on the past, I am very excited for the years that lie ahead. I believe that the best is yet to come for DB Capital, and I am eager to continue this journey as we embrace new opportunities and challenges in the ever-evolving real estate market. Here’s to many more years of growth, achievements, and shared success.”